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Software QA Testing: What Makes a Good Software Tester?

Software QA Testing: What Makes a Good Software Tester?

Good software testers are a special animal- part pit bull, part diplomat, and part eagle. They grab onto a defect and don't let go until it is resolved, they smooth the ruffled feathers of everyone on a project from project manager to businesss customer, and they can spot a defect like an eagle can spot a bug from 1,00 feet up. If your organization has had less than stellar results with software qa testing, maybe it's time to call in the pros at Lighthouse Technologies.

Good software testers are involved from the very beginning of a project, from test planning to test conditions to test execution and progress and defect reporting. They look at finding defects as the ultimate test of their skills as a tester, and actually take a bit of twisted pleasure in finding the smallest of defects in a developer’s “perfect “code. Testing and finding nothing wrong is just no fun.

Good testers also like to work with metrics and spreadsheets and test software to write test cases and track the results. They have to be thick-skinned, as there will be times when they have to defend their logic, methodology, and documentation during testing. A conference room filled with ticked-off developers and project managers is no match for the tester who knows they are right and is sticking to their guns, no matter how much pressure they are under. They are also flexible and can roll with the punches when necessary, and will gracefully concede that they misunderstood the business customer’s explanation of what they really wanted and have to re-do that set of test cases.

At Lighthouse Technologies, we have a dedicated team of experienced software testers who are dedicated to the company’s success and offer unparalleled expertise. Unlike other software testing companies with very high turnover rates, we have created a culture where our retention rate is 94%.

With good software testers that are involved in your project from  the early planning stages until the last release sign-off, we can reduce defects, keep the project on budget and meet your project deadlines.

For more information on putting our expert software testers to work for you, please contact Lighthouse or call us at 937.458.0055

Let me know what you think,

Khanh-Thy Gonzales
Lighthouse Technologies, Inc.

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