Budget Planning: Getting Serious About Safeguarding Your Software

It’s October, and odds are your department is waist-deep in building next year’s budget.  But while budgeting can be a monotonous, Herculean task, it can also be a transformational one: with a new budget on the horizon, now’s the time to improve your testing team by investing in large-scale, quality-focused initiatives.

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A new budget is a blank canvas—and there’s ample space to introduce larger, transformational initiatives.  

It’s taken a while, but autumn is finally upon us.  The weather’s getting cooler, the leaves are changing, and just about any food or beverage you can think of is getting the “pumpkin spice” treatment.

It truly is one of the most magical times of the year—provided you’re not tasked with helping your department build its 2019 budget.  Unfortunately, if your company is one of the 65% of American companies that operate on a calendar-based fiscal year, there’s a good chance that you’re working double-time to figure out what you should be investing in next year.

But while the work may be tedious, you mustn’t forget the great opportunity that comes along with it.

A new budget is a blank canvas—and there’s ample space for your improvisational input to coexist with those mandatory, corporate brushstrokes.  While a large portion will always consist of obligatory projects (in IT’s case, this includes things like regulatory changes, etc.), the room left over is oftentimes the ideal (and only) place to introduce larger, transformational initiatives.

And when it comes to deciding where your budget money should go, there are few (if any) more important places than using it to safeguard your company’s software.

No matter the size of your software project, the 3 Perils of Software DevelopmentTM (Defects, Delays, and Dollars) are ever present—threatening to derail your initiative at any time.  Whether it’s a buggy release that infuriates users or a development plagued by lengthy delays, the toll they can take can be utterly devastating—to IT and the business alike. When it comes to the 3 Perils, preventative action isn’t a mere luxury; it’s essential.

In a nutshell, the 3 Perils describe how software Defects cause project Delays, which cost your organization Dollars.  It may be a cute marketing phrase, but the truth is that 100 user story (or requirement) defects can cost you as much as $3,000,000 if they slip into production.  At Lighthouse, our company is built around this core principle and our True North Testing Methodology ™ will find these defects before they impact you.

If you’re software projects are costing too much, always seem late, or you’re discovering too many defects in production, then 2019 might be the time to start the transformation.  Give us a call to discuss.

The clock’s ticking.  What’s your move going to be?


Mike Hodge
Lighthouse Technologies, Inc
Software Testing | Quality Assurance Consulting | Oracle EBS Consulting


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