Outsourcing Oracle ERP Business Analysis & Software Testing

Outsourcing Oracle ERP Business Analysis & Testing:  All Aboard!  Shining the Light to a Brighter Future.

When this technology manufacturer and provider decided to outsource their Oracle ERP business analysis and testing team, they didn’t want any interruption in their everyday business.  They wanted a company that could attract, transition, and retain a hand-selected team of business analysts and software testers.

Lighthouse became a front runner in their decision to outsource this project.  Not only did Lighthouse have an admirable reputation for their software testing methodologies, experience in scaling up and down a team based upon project demands, and competitive pricing, but they also had the highest likelihood of retaining the team because of the cultural fit and how they treat their employees.

To ease the team into a better understanding of the company, Lighthouse arranged several team meetings and individual discussions to introduce them to Lighthouse’s culture, company strategy, benefits, career/growth opportunities, and respond to any other questions or concerns they had.

As the team geared up for their move, Lighthouse fully prepared their facility and tested the network and IT infrastructure for the larger demand.   With all parties in place, Lighthouse, the client, and the new employees were prepared for the transition.

On day one of the transition, it was business as usual.  Hiccups were minimal with just the occasional empty coffee carafe.    The transition has proven to be very successful with a 94% team retention rate, a 3.6 out of 4 employee satisfaction rating, and high satisfaction from the client.

What made this Oracle outsourcing project a success was not only the great employees that were handpicked by the technology manufacturer, but Lighthouse’s culture in giving them personal attention, giving them a voice through the Employee Satisfaction Committee, and treating them with respect.  Lighthouse garnered their trust by making commitments to the new employees and following through on those commitments.  As a project manager on the client’s account, puts it, “I am re-invigorated and enjoy my job again.”

“You (Lighthouse) are a valued partner and we see a long term relationship going forward.”


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