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It’s well-known that automation can transform your testing as a whole, but determining its financial impact can be much more challenging. This calculator does that work for you. So take a minute, fill out the fields below, and compute your ROI instantly.

NOTE: Default values and calculated results are based on numerous factors and assumptions culled from our extensive experience and industry standards.

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This is your break-even point. After this point, you’ve recouped your initial investment and will see continuous savings thereafter. Different companies have different standards, but a payback period of 18 months and under is generally accepted by most organizations.

This is the aggregate sum of your cash flows, accounting for your initial investment, and expected returns. Think of it as the time value of your money, taking into account the present value of cash flows. Naturally, you’re looking for a positive number here, the bigger the better.

This is the growth rate of your cash flow over that same five year period. Unlike NPV, IRR doesn’t show an investment’s magnitude, but instead is an indicator of its quality or yield.

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Cost savings are just the start. You’ve seen the most important metrics behind the ROI of test automation, but you’ve merely scratched the surface of its potential. To get an in-depth look at what test automation can do for your organization, fill out the form below to receive your free custom report today!

Your detailed, custom report will include:

  • Annual cost savings
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  • Testing coverage improvement
  • ROI model assumptions
  • Next steps forward
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