project failure

Everyone fails at one point or another, but what sets the truly great apart is how they learn from it and improve. In the IT world, almost everyone’s dealt with software project failures; but identifying their root causes can be difficult, making improvement impossible—at least until now, that is.

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Do you want to take control of your software projects?  Our upcoming webinar, “The Power of Testing Assessments: Keeping Your Projects on Course”, is a great place to start.  An in-depth look at the value of evaluating your software testing team’s performance, it’s a great first step towards getting your QA team back on track.


Software testing and quality assurance are often two of the first things cut from a tightening IT budget. But while it’s easy to assume that doing so will save money, does the resulting rework, delays, and squandered productivity actually cost cash-strapped departments more in the long run?

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