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Software Testing as a Managed Service

Software Testing as a Managed Service

Software Quality Achieved Through Comprehensive Software Testing

We offer managed services in both manual and automated testing:

Manual Automated
  • Business Application Testing
  • Business Application Automated Testing (QTP/UFT)
  • Mobile App Testing

Software Quality Achieved Through Comprehensive Software Testing
At Lighthouse, system testing and user acceptance testing (UAT) is delivered through a proven testing methodology that results in the highest level of software quality. From test planning and test case creation to test execution and reporting, Lighthouse delivers software quality throughout the software testing life cycle with carefully measured practices, in-the-trenches software QA experience and industry-leading expertise.

Because Lighthouse believes that defect prevention is as important (or more important) as defect removal, our software testing methodology begins by eliminating requirement defects as we develop the test cases. The Lighthouse software testing methodology is metrics-driven so that you have transparency throughout the entire testing process. We establish stringent software quality assurance (software QA) exit criteria at the end of each software testing phase that gives you the information needed to make informed course corrections throughout the project life cycle. In doing so, we are able to significantly reduce your software development costs and prevent schedule overruns that would have been encountered using traditional software testing techniques. In addition, large enterprise systems often have major data challenges. Lighthouse’s methodology employs test data architecture methods to address these challenges.

During the test case execution phase of the software testing life cycle, Lighthouse identifies all defects, helps prioritize them, and provides detailed product quality and test efficiency reports. Using this proven methodology, we are able to significantly reduce the total number of defects, keep the software development project on-time and on-budget, and ultimately help you deliver the highest software quality to your end users.

Unlike typical software testing companies with high turnover rates, Lighthouse focuses on creating a culture where expertise stays in-house. This is why our retention is 94%! Because of the collective experience of our dedicated software testers, Lighthouse can quickly scale up or scale down quality resources as needed, based on project demand.

The following data represents the success rates for various sized software development projects based on industry data from more than 12,000 software projects. As you can see, the higher the number of function points in the project, the more likely the project is to be delayed or fail. This illustrates the importance of introducing software quality assurance and professional software testing in the early stages of your project.

software testing life cycle

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