Free your SMEs.
And cut your budget in half.
Simple as that!

Would you spend $100 for something that’s only worth $50?

Of course not. On average, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) cost twice as much as software testers. If you’re using them for testing, you’re literally throwing money away. Whether you’re using an ERP system or a business application, maintaining large software systems can be a serious drain on valuable resources. Every time a new update, patch, or release comes out, you have to drop everything while your SMEs spend their valuable time running the same monotonous, repetitive tests on their modules—grinding their productivity to a halt in the process. Using your SMEs for this kind of testing is an unnecessary waste of vital talent.

With Lighthouse’s experienced automation engineers—and the right customized solution—you can free your SMEs and cut your testing budget in half!

The Lighthouse Advantage


Reduce your risk and improve quality by dramatically increasing your test coverage


Test Better

Find more issues prior to release and improve your Defect Removal Efficiency (DRE)

Test Faster

Shorten the duration of your test cycles by running tests around the clock

Improved Credibility

Increased user satisfaction also increases upper management’s confidence in you and your team

Free Your SMEs

Reduce costly SME hours needed in the testing process

Quicker Data Loading

Facilitate large data loads by adding large volumes of data by script, not by hand

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Our automation experts have experience with a wide variety of automation tools, including Oracle Application Testing Suite (Oracle OATS), Hewlett-Packard Unified Functional Testing/Quick Test Professional (HP UFT/QTP), and Selenium.

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