2023 Thanksgiving Message

From all of us here at Lighthouse, we want to thank you — our clients, partners, friends and family — for your continuous support throughout this year. Please take a moment to watch our special Thanksgiving video and reflect on what you are most grateful for. We wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season!


Taste of IT 2023 Recap

We had a blast sponsoring and speaking at Technology First’s Taste of IT conference earlier this month. From connecting with industry leading professionals, to presenting on how to lead software teams to proven success, to eating lots of homemade bread, it was a sweet time! If you were unable to attend our presentation at the event, read some of the highlights and key takeaways.


Just because it is Spooky Season doesn’t mean your current software project needs to be scary too. In the shadowy world of software development, the most frightening horror stories aren’t those about ghosts, zombies, and monsters – but rather, missed deadlines, overrun budgets, and never-ending quality issues. Zoinks!


If your current software project feels like a never-ending road trip where you’re continuously missing exits (release dates) and having to reroute, we can help. With our project navigation service, you will never have to ask, “how much longer?” or “how much more money?” again. Know where your project is at, where it’s going, and how much time, money and effort it will take to get there in real-time.


On-Time Software Development

It only takes one bad release or missed deadline to disrupt business projections, cripple productivity across your company or cause irreparable damage to your brand. If your software projects are consistently late and overbudget, there is no time or money left to waste.


Here at Lighthouse, we are always talking about our ‘Culture of We’ and how important having fun is to our team. Don’t just take our word for it though – check out Mark Adams, VP of Sales & Client Success, on National TV. Mark is currently in his 24th season with ESPN and has some exciting NCAA Men’s Basketball games coming up.


Is crashing the database a bug?

Go beyond user stories to ensure Fitness for Purpose. When developers focus solely on satisfying the user stories, rather than also considering the big picture (intended functionality), they develop both tunnel vision and poor-quality software.


In part 3 of our blog series on The Benefits of a Metric-Based Methodology, we share how to apply metrics in Agile.


In part 2 of our blog series on The Benefits of a Metric-Based Methodology, we share how to apply metrics in regression test (or waterfall).


In part 1 of this 3-part blog series, we outline the benefits of having a Metric-Based Testing Methodology. Why measure software testing? Well, that’s easy – because you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

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