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Reduce your defect rate by as much as 50%-75% and your delays by as much as 50%. While improving quality, increasing user satisfaction, and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Why it Matters:

No one likes glitchy software releases.  They infuriate your users, cripple productivity, and erode your credibility while creating costly, time-consuming rework for your development team.  Like icebergs, undetected defects lurk almost entirely beneath the surface of your projects—and if you don’t spot them ahead of time, the damage they cause can be catastrophic.

For most companies, navigating these treacherous waters is challenging.  Sometimes you’ll make it to release unscathed, but, more often than not, you’ll run into a swath of costly defects.  Without a high-quality software testing team at your disposal, your software projects are at risk of the 3 Perils of Software DevelopmentTM:


 Undetected defects can cripple quality and user satisfaction while costing 5 times more to fix during production than in testing


Implementation delays are costly in terms of time-to-market, profitability, and credibility


Inevitably, unnecessary defects and delays lead to higher costs, busted budgets and project scale-backs/cancellations

That’s where Lighthouse experts come in.  We see what others don’t.  With our proprietary, metrics-driven, predictive software testing methodology, we help you navigate these perilous waters so you can deliver to your stakeholders on time and on budget.  

What We Do

Rural Software Testing

Whether you need testing for a mobile app, an eCommerce site, an ERP system, a custom business app, or anything else, we provide onshore testing at offshore costs.   

Offshore companies have always offered low rates, but companies who turn to them often get more than they bargained for—poor quality work, hampered productivity, security concerns, software copyright issues, and a host of other painful headaches.  At Lighthouse, we offer a high-quality testing service located right here in the US that matches the cost of offshore providers.  No compromises required.

From project-based work to full-time department outsourcing, we can handle anything you need.

Test Automation

Cut your software testing budget in half.  Simple as that.

Whether you’re utilizing an ERP system or a network of interconnected business applications, the monotonous, repetitive testing required for releases, patches, and updates is a constant drain on personnel. With test automation, you not only gain the ability to execute the lion’s share of your testing with the press of a button; you can increase your coverage exponentially—all in record time.

IT Staffing/Staff Augmentation

Having a hard time finding the right personnel?  Save time and reduce risk with our IT staffing solutions!

Recruiting the right testers can be incredibly difficult—especially within highly technical realms like test automation.  And while lots of larger firms will give you lots of resumes, they are poorly screened—thus making you do the hard work.  Thanks to our advanced Gauntlet assessment process, our ace recruiting staff can lend you a helping hand without the red tape.  With us, you don’t have to worry about finding someone that’s good enough—we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

What We Test









How We Do It

Code Analysis Algorithms

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew what parts of your code had the highest risk of defects, so you concentrate your effort on those areas?   Thanks to our proprietary algorithms, we can do exactly that—ensuring thorough defect removal in the most efficient manner possible.

Transparent Communication

You are included in every step of the testing process. You get access to our user-friendly dashboard—giving you up-to-date testing progress reports so there are no surprises—and are always current.


Metrics-Driven Methodology

Our methodology isn’t based on arbitrary “expertise”; it’s based on the proven processes and historical data that have helped safeguard countless other projects since we were founded over 15 years ago.

Defect Prediction Drivers

We don’t just look for defects; we know how many we’re going to find.  Based on a host of factors, we estimate the total number of defects we expect to find within your code—ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Roadmap-to-Resolution Plans

We take the time to understand exactly where your pain is, and tailor our services to specifically solve its root cause.  The resulting “roadmap” is your customized solution, and our expert personnel will be with you every step of the way towards its resolution.

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A Predictive Approach to Test Planning

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