eCommerce Software Testing: U.K. Based Grocery Retailer Finds the Light(house)

No waiting around for this U.K based grocery retailer.  They needed a testing team to find defects in order to get their website live.

A U.K. based grocery retailer grew frustrated.  The off-shore development vendor they hired to re-vamp their eCommerce website had an unexpectedly high number of defects.  With an increasing number of shoppers going online to buy their products and pressure to get the website live, they needed to find a company that could find and help remove the 200+ critical defects.

The light at the end of the tunnel became Lighthouse.  With their expertise in providing managed services, skilled testing staff, and an in-house testing lab, Lighthouse was able to conduct the user acceptance testing for this grocer.

Test Result GraphOver a period of 7 months, the team, with an average of 19.4 years experience, was able to fluctuate between 6 to 14 testers in order to meet the demands of the program.  Because of the time crunch, Lighthouse was able to shorten the time to market by running multiple user acceptance test cycles in parallel with the off-shore vendor’s system integration tests.

Overall, Lighthouse ran 13 test cycles against 20 builds.  The test cycles had varying levels of regression depending on the bug fixes in that release.  While using HP Quality Center and Lighthouse metrics, the team tested and ran two major systems and ran multiple test cycles, totaling 10,436 test cases.  As the test cases were executed, Lighthouse discovered 939 unique defects, 293 of them being critical defects (50% more than their targeted objective).

With the ability to scale up and down the testing team, Lighthouse was able to successfully meet the demands of the program’s cycles.  Another success factor was due to the diligence of the experienced testing team.  Lighthouse also contributed to the grocer’s success by providing Lighthouse metrics to drive changes with their off-shore development vendor.

From my perspective, engaging testing professionals is critical.  They bring with them the discipline of test script writing and management tools such as quality center. Thank you Lighthouse!” 

– Program Manager

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