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Onshore testing at offshore costs.
Need we say more?

On the surface, offshore outsourcing seems too good to be true.  That’s because it is.  There are numerous hidden costs and pitfalls that can significantly inflate the “low costs” of offshore providers and run your software initiatives into the ground.

Hidden expenses like security risks, productivity lags, and quality issues cause the total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) of offshore providers to skyrocket—sinking ROI and running software initiatives into the ground.

That’s why so many businesses turn to Lighthouse Rural Software Testing—the high-quality alternative to offshore software testing.  Our proprietary sourcing model enables us to field a team of industry-certified software testing professionals located right here in the US—at the same or lower total cost than you’d pay offshore.  When you choose onshoring with Lighthouse, you get a team that collaborates well, attacks problems head-on, and ensures nothing is lost in translation.

What We Do


No matter the scope of your project, maintaining its quality is essential to a timely, high-quality release. When you reshore with Lighthouse, you’re in expert hands.  

Test Outsourcing

Do you have a continuous testing need?  Outsource your operations to our Testing Center of Excellence and let us handle the rest. 


Cloud-Based Apps


Software Products

ERP Systems

Data Centers

Business Apps

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What You Get

Competitive Rates

Onshoring with Lighthouse gets you the same price you  pay offshore while receiving higher quality testing and helping to keep jobs right here in America

Price Stability

While offshore rates continue to climb, reshoring to our established, low cost-of-living location in Dayton, Ohio provides predictably steady rates

Data Security

Our onshore Testing Center of Excellence keeps your intellectual property in the US, ensuring your assets are protected

Improved Productivity

Due to low-turnover, onshoring with our US-based teams provides continutity, facilitate cooperation, improve morale, reduce rework, and expedite problem solving

Painless Management

With our rigorous processes and onshore testing teams, you won’t waste time having to direct us and or manage our resources

High Quality

Our industry-certified testers are easy to work with and use proven, metrics-driven True North Testing Methodology to deliver high-quality testing

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