Jamming a square peg into a round hole seldom works out.

Yet it’s the modus operandi for almost all Staff Augmention providers. Lighthouse Technologies—smart Staff Aug for serious companies.

Most staff augmentation providers sing the same tune: they’ll give you lots of candidates—fast.  That may sound good at first, but it neglects one important point: the candidates they provide are rarely, if ever, the right ones.  Instead of sourcing you well-qualified, pre-screened personnel, every time a new position opens up your inbox is flooded with hundreds of ill-suited resumes—which you then have to disqualify one-by-one—wasting your valuable time.

The problems don’t stop there, either.  With a shortage of high-quality candidates, companies invariably wind up compromising and hiring unqualified candidates.  Unfortunately, this can lead to disastrous consequences, as it leaves departments susceptible to the 3 Perils of Software DevelopmentTM:


Unqualified, inexperienced personnel will make more mistakes than those with more experience—leading to costly rework


Costly rework, created by mistakes made by inexperienced personnel, takes time to correct—causing delays that push projects well off-schedule


Low-quality work from unqualified personnel takes its toll in costly setbacks—which lead to project scale-backs and cancellations

That’s why so many businesses turn to Lighthouse.  We’ll save you hours of time and weeks of false starts by eliminating the hassle of disqualifying ill-fitting personnel.  With us, you don’t have to worry about finding someone that’s good enough—we do the heavy lifting for you.

Our Capabilities

Software Testing

Oracle EBS Consulting

Test Automation

Project Management

Quality Assurance

Business Analysis

How We Do It

Depth vs. Breadth

We focus on capabilities in our areas of expertise—software testing, QA, and Oracle EBS Consulting. We know each of these exceedingly well, and we’re confident we can provide you the finest personnel available.

The Gauntlet Assessment

With our wealth of experience we’re good at finding the experts you need.  We distilled that knowledge into our Gauntlet Assessment—a thorough screening of any applicant’s abilities, customized to the practice they’ll serve.  If they pass the Gauntlet, we’d hire them ourselves!

People-Focused Recruiting

While technical proficiency is key for any potential employee’s fit within your company, personality and demeanor are equally important—and often overlooked—traits.  At Lighthouse, we go the extra mile—tailoring our recruiting process to target candidates with the personality you’re looking for, ensuring they fit your corporate culture. 

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