3 Perils of Software Development

Everyone fails at one point or another, but what sets the truly great apart is how they learn from it and improve. In the IT world, almost everyone’s dealt with software project failures; but identifying their root causes can be difficult, making improvement impossible—at least until now, that is.

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If the 3 Perils of Software Development™—Defects, Delays, and Dollars—are regularly driving your projects off schedule and over budget, getting your QA and testing team back on course can be hard. That’s why applying a metrics-based testing methodology is so important—it’s the most reliable course correction there is.


Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. So if your software projects are releasing off schedule, over budget, or without their expected scope and/or quality, why not sign up for our upcoming webinar and learn how to prevent the root cause of software failures?


Without process, you can’t measure your software testing team. And, without measurement, how can you know their true efficacy?


There’s no question that the 3 Perils of Software Development—Defects, Delays, and Dollars—can sink your projects in an instant. So how do you beat them? You test early and you test often—by getting proactive with your testing and automating whatever you can.


Few things are riskier than a large-scale software project. While they offer significant returns if successful, they also pose considerable risk; threatening to go off the rails—and causing catastrophic losses—at seemingly any point. This uncertainty doesn’t have to rule the day, however; as an investment in quality is the best insurance you can buy.


If you’ve ever had a release come in off-schedule or over-budget (who hasn’t?), chances are it had its fair share of delays. In our upcoming webinar, we’ll delve into why projects so frequently experience these, and what you can do to beat them.

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