The Three Perils of Software Development – eCommerce Edition White Paper

The-three-perils-of-software-developmentIn the competitive world of Online Retail and eCommerce, your customers have all the power—and their expectations are as clear as their loyalty is fickle. To them, every defective line of code is a customer service failure, every unexpected crash an abandoned cart, and every delayed update only puts you further behind the

Unfortunately, major software projects face an uphill battle from the start. As any developer,IT leader, or business executive can attest, major software projects face numerous obstacles en route to release. From slight missteps to major failures, these challenges threaten to derail the initiative.

The cause of these problems? The 3 Perils of Software DevelopmentTM—Defects, Delays, and Dollars.  In this special white paper, you’ll learn what causes them, the specific problems they cause for eCommerce companies, and—most importantly—what you can do to avoid them.

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