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As any developer, IT leader, or business executive can attest, the 3 Perils of Software Development— Defects, Delays, and Dollars—can sink your projects in a maelstrom of rework, missed release dates, and busted budgets.

Regardless of the scale of your undertaking, our metrics-driven True North Testing Methodology™ keeps your projects on course. We see what others don’t. No matter how vexing your challenges, our proven processes and expert personnel help you steer clear of the 3 Perils—ensuring your initiatives release on time, on budget, and within their anticipated scope.

People, Process, Tools


The best tools and processes are useless without the right people to use them. That’s why tools like our Gauntlet Assessment—a proprietary examination that thoroughly assesses our recruits’ attitude, aptitude, and software-testing skillset—ensure our testers are cut from superior cloth.


The right people need only the right structure, and processes like Early Detection and Defect Prediction do exactly that.  Together they form the backbone of our Metrics-Driven Methodology—which helps our expert personnel to provide the highest-quality, most-efficient testing possible. 


Like processes, we strive to equip our testers with the tools needed to help them work smarter—not harder.  Cutting edge tools and technologies like Test Automation, Code Analysis Algorithms, and our proprietary Metrics Dashboard ensure you get to follow us every step of the way while your software is tested efficiently and thoroughly.

Our Key Differentiators

People, processes, and tools are the foundation of our True North Testing Methodology, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. These seven key differentiators are the real wind behind our sails.

Gauntlet Assessment

Everything starts with the right people. That’s why our proprietary Gauntlet Assessment examines potential employees’ hard skills (test case writing, defect detection, and defect recording) and soft skills (leadership, personality, and attitude) to ensure every Lighthouse tester provides superlative quality control and customer service.

Early Detection Process

Costly rework can cripple your project’s budget if you don’t find defects early enough (they’re 5x more expensive to fix over each stage they go undetected). Our Early Detection Process saves you money by finding defects as early as possible.

Defect Prediction Drivers

Our Defect Prediction Drivers blend function-point analysis, CMMI strategy, and past performance history to accurately predict how many defects we will find—enabling us to deliver high quality without overspending on diminishing returns.

Metrics-Driven Methodology

Our methodology isn’t based on arbitrary “expertise”; it’s based on the proven processes and historical data that have helped safeguard countless other projects since we were founded over 15 years ago.

Metrics Dashboard

The very same data that powers our iterative Metrics-Driven Methodology is captured in real time in our user-friendly interface—giving you unparalleled visibility into our progress, quality, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Code Analyzer

We don’t waste our time looking for defects where they can’t be found. Instead, we can see exactly which parts of your software code are at risk—hastening your time-to-market without sacrificing quality.

Test Automation

Sometimes manual testing is too costly and time consuming to consider. Whether you’re looking to improve your coverage, accuracy, or speed, our automation experts can deliver customized solutions that will save you time and money.

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