Test Automation: Better Performance For International Deployments

If you work for an international company, chances are your ERP systems and business apps have a similarly global reach.  Naturally, this increases release testing exponentially—delaying releases, updates, and patches in the process.  So, what’s a savvy software testing team to do?  Automate, automate, automate.

Test Automation: Improving Performance For International Deployments

Without enough manpower to allocate to testing, most of the testing on international deployments ends up skipped—
risking the injection of critical defects and making every release a game of Russian Roulette for IT.

In an increasingly-globalized world, it’s little surprise that companies have more international reach than ever before.  And while that’s a good thing for business, IT departments the world over are feeling the strain.

The cause of this trouble, you ask?  That’s simple.  The problem lies in the business apps and ERP systems that these companies run on.  Being the nerve centers of the enterprises they support; one small defect can cause a cacophony of chaos—grinding productivity to a halt.  Therefore, every release, patch, and update needs to be relentlessly tested before going live.

For an international company, that problem gets multiplied tenfold.

An international presence means offices that span the globe—which means a host of new variables for those aforementioned business apps and ERP systems.  Things like new languages, time zones, currencies—you get the idea—all pose considerable risk for new deployments.  This means even more testing for QA teams—a burden that’s either too costly or time prohibitive for them to ever shoulder on their own.

Without enough manpower to allocate to testing, most of that workload ends up skipped—potentially missing critical defects and making every release a game of Russian Roulette for IT.

Fortunately, there’s an ideal solution for these besieged organizations—one that can increase test coverage while cutting costs and saving time.  Don’t overthink this, it’s test automation!  And for the data-driven testing required international, enterprise-level companies (large data sets with differing parameters), it’s an utter godsend.  Not only do such organizations typically have the required testing load to score a solid ROI, they can free their testers up for more profit-bearing initiatives.  Think about it: no more time consuming, monotonous testing; just automate your test scripts, and rerun the script as many times as necessary—with different parameters every time.

Now that’s working smarter, not harder.  (And if you read my other article this month, you know just how hard it is for me to say that.)


Mike Hodge
Lighthouse Technologies, Inc.
Software Testing | Quality Assurance Consulting | Oracle EBS Consulting

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