Is your Software Team Kicking Butt?

Can I be frank?

Most businesses are heavily dependent on custom software to differentiate themselves from their competitors and bring unique value to their customers — but honestly, they don’t know how their software development team is doing.

Are you where you want to be, where you expected to be, where you need to be to meet your strategic objectives?

Maybe you are growing well and maybe your software team is fantastic.

Or, maybe not …

Software and software teams are big assets for your company, so you owe it to yourself to know if they are doing well … or not.

If you’re reading this, I know that you’ve been trying.

I know that you already know — you can’t manage what you don’t measure

You already measure a bunch of other key aspects of your business.  You compare sales forecast against actuals.  You track and report on your monthly financials.  You know your manufacturing capacity, but do you know how well your software development team is operating?

If you are not getting what you expect, it could be that your expectations are unclear … or it could be that your team isn’t performing well, or worse, they have no idea how they are performing. 

If any of this sounds familiar, watch the video below to learn more about what business owners, CEOs, CFOs, and COOs want and need from our software teams.

Spoiler alert — It boils down to four main things:

  • Improved time to market
  • Lower cost
  • Improved quality and functionality
  • Openness, trust, consistency and improvement from your software team

Is this you?  If so, watch the video and then take our 5 min quiz (below) to find out how your team is performing.

Whether you have an internal team, outsourced team, staff augmentation, onshore, offshore, nearshore, shore to shore (OK, I made that one up) or some combination, let’s first start with what we want, figure out where we are, then we’ll work into what’s possible.

Do you want to have an open and honest conversation about your software team?  Reach out to us to start the dialogue about how we can help. 

Not quite ready to talk?  Be sure to download and take our 5 min quiz (below) to find out how your team is performing!

Keep having fun,


Download the quiz below to find out where your team is on the level of kick-buttness!

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