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Gain visibility and control to lead your custom development initiative to a successful launch, on-time.

Whether you have an internal software team or outsource software development to a partner, this is for you.

At Lighthouse, our passion and super-power is our ability to help clients get software projects delivered on-time and on-quality. We are experts in improving software team performance and assuring your business the visibility and control needed to make course corrections.

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Your software is a large asset. Our independence assures you receive unbiased inputs to improve your internal software team, contractors, and outsourced partners.

Our reporting gives you clear visibility to project size, schedule expectations, progress, and quality so you know quickly when your project starts going off course.

Case Study: Retail company
saved $10M outsourcing
SW development 

Ensures you have the insight needed to set expectations and quickly course correct in all areas of your software organization – Agile, Business Analysis, Dev, QA, Product, Partners, etc.

Case Study: “eCommerce Software – U.K. based grocery retailer finds the Light(house)” 

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