Let’s face it: offshore software testing has never been without its challenges—but the costs were so low that those headaches and hidden costs were worth the trouble. But as the wage gap narrows, drawing American companies even, is offshore really worth the baggage anymore?


Let’s face it: offshore outsourcing may look cheap, but the advertised rates only tell a mere fraction of the story. For years, companies have dealt with hidden expenses, lessened quality, and productivity lags; but that’s all changing. We’ve closed the gap with offshore with Rural Software Testing. Read all about it in our new white paper!

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As reshoring returns jobs to the US, the once-universal harbinger of quality “Made in America” is making a comeback.


My coffee intake tends to mirror a large corporation’s various vendors: spanning from cheap, low-quality standbys to pricier, higher-end options. As I’m wholly dependent upon both, what can this tell us about how corporations view reshoring in IT?

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