Workplace Leadership

There’s no question that the Holiday Season is the most wonderful time of the year.  However, that doesn’t mean it’s not without its own challenges—especially for leaders.  Whether it’s leading an IT department or coordinating a tense family visit, Jeff Van Fleet, Lighthouse’s President and CEO, advocates addressing them head on.


Why do so many salespeople abandon honesty and resort to deception tactics to get a meeting?  Despite the frustration, Jeff Van Fleet, Lighthouse’s President and CEO, thinks we can all learn a very valuable lesson from them.

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An important message from Jeff Van Fleet, Lighthouse’s President and CEO, on our company’s response to the destruction caused by hurricanes in 2017. Every year, we donate a portion of our proceeds to a local charity of our choice. This year, however, it feels like there’s a bigger need outside our hometown. I wanted to [...]


One of the key traits of innovative leadership is the ability to see patterns and connect unconnected dots.  Our President and CEO thinks this has a lot to do with Associative Thinking, a conclusion his daughter, Rachel, helped him to reach.


In the grand scheme of things, you’d never think software (and software testing/QA) shares any similarity with an appliance like a washing machine.  Well, according to our President and CEO, Jeff Van Fleet, perhaps they’re more alike than you think.


Emotional intelligence (EI) is an important trait in successful leaders, but did you know it can be improved like any other skill?  Neither did our CEO, Jeff Van Fleet.


Here at Lighthouse, we’re awful passionate about software testing and quality assurance.  But even as thought leaders, we like to keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest cutting-edge insights and industry trends.  In that spirit, here are some of the most interesting things we heard at StarEast 2017.


Even the strongest people in the world have bad days. So when you get worn down, beat up, overwhelmed, or things just aren’t going your way, here are a few tried-and-tested strategies from our President and CEO, Jeff Van Fleet.

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As spring signals its arrival with shades of green and blooming flowers, how can we transform ourselves and the organizations we lead? Lighthouse CEO Jeff Van Fleet shares his thoughts on implementing a culture of openness and transparency.


No matter what we do to avoid it, there are always times when we feel stressed out and overwhelmed. When that happens, what do you do? Here’s what our President and CEO, Jeff Van Fleet, recommends.

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