No matter the size of your software initiative, developing and launching a successful project is fraught with challenges and hidden obstacles.

In a recent Lighthouse survey with CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, and VPs of Sales, over 90% said delivering their software systems on-time with high-quality was their number one software objective.

Quite simply, if you are late to market, you’re missing significant market share and may never achieve the return on your R&D spend. Conversely, if you are first to market with high quality, you’ll dominate the market and kick your competitors’ butts.

As the C-Suite, you expect your software team to hit their milestones, maintain capacity, and you absolutely expect them to produce high-quality software.

But how? Simply doing more of the same with more people or pushing to go faster often compounds the challenges and uncertainty. You need a clear, measurable picture of reality and proven methods to reshape that reality to predictably meet your goals.

That’s where we come in. We are an independent consulting practice, with decades of expertise delivering software systems on-time and on-quality. Your software is often your biggest asset, and you can’t afford to leave it up to chance.

How We Help

QA & Test Leaders | Custom Apps, SAP S/4HANA, Oracle EBS & more!

From Test Management to Automation, our consultants have decades of the expertise and experience needed to lead your team to success! 

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On-Time Software Development Service (Internal or Outsourced)

Our independent team provides you with the visibility and control to assure your software development projects are delivered on-time and on-quality.

  • Assess Strategy, Culture, People, Process, and Tools
  • Collect data on current and past projects to show “As-Is” state
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop and execute Roadmap to improve on-time and on-quality delivery
  • People and process development
  • Coaching, training, mentoring
  • On-going reporting showing progress
  • RFP and Proposal Analysis for outsourced software projects

Quality Assurance & Software Testing Services

Our teams provide hands-on test automation and manual testing to identify defects early and quickly improve quality.

Quality Assurance Consulting

  • Requirements/User story peer reviews/analysis to size the system and find requirements’ defects
  • Code Analysis to identify and remediate the highest risk code modules
  • Quality exit criteria for key SDLC work products
  • Lessons Learned to reduce defect injection rate


  • Test Automation for custom and packaged applications
  • Manual System Testing – Test planning, design, implementation, execution and defect reporting
  • Test Metrics throughout test lifecycle
  • Lessons Learned to reduce defect injection rate

If your business depends on your software being delivered on-time and on-quality, then we may be the right partner for you. Let’s have a chat.

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