No matter what we do to avoid it, there are always times when we feel stressed out and overwhelmed.  When that happens, what do you do?  Here’s what our President and CEO, Jeff Van Fleet, recommends.


Whenever I feel overwhelmed or discouraged, I try to do something positive for myself, like taking a walk or exercising.
That way I start to move the ball forward and feel like I am accomplishing something.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the strongest, most positive person in the world, sometimes we all can feel discouraged and overwhelmed.  If you are feeling that way, here are a few quotes to help get you back on track.  Hopefully, one or more might resonate with you and help pick you up.

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” – Henry Ford

“Never talk defeat.  Use words like hope, belief, faith, victory.” – Norman Vincent Peale

“To be successful, you must accept all challenges that come your way.  You can’t just accept the ones you like.” – Mike Gafka

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.” – William James

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Every problem has a gift for you in its hands.” – Richard Bach

Personally, I find that Henry Ford quote resonates a lot with me.  Whenever I feel overwhelmed or discouraged, I try to do something positive for myself, like taking a walk or exercising.  Then, I like to simplify things by making a short list (“short” being the operative word here) and just accomplish something—even if it’s ever so small.  That way I start to move the ball forward and feel like I am accomplishing something.

What do you do when you’re feeling discouraged and overwhelmed?  I’d love to hear your approach!

Keep having fun,

Jeff Van Fleet

President & CEO,
Lighthouse Technologies, Inc.
Software Testing | Quality Assurance Consulting | Oracle EBS Consulting


What Do Appliances and Software Have in Common?

In the grand scheme of things, you'd never think software (and software testing/QA) shares any similarity with an appliance like a washing machine.  Well, according to our President and CEO, Jeff Van Fleet, perhaps they're more alike than you think.

What We Heard At StarEast 2017, Part 2

As thought leaders in software testing/QA, we like to keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest cutting-edge insights and industry trends.  That’s why we sent our best and brightest to StarEast 2017.  Here’s the second half of their two-part report.  (Check out part one here!)

Upcoming Webinar: Finding True North with Testing Assessments

Do you want to take control of your software projects?  Our upcoming webinar, “The Power of Testing Assessments: Keeping Your Projects on Course”, is a great place to start.  An in-depth look at the value of evaluating your software testing team’s performance, it's a great first step towards getting your QA team back on track.

From the CEO’s Desk: Improving Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is an important trait in successful leaders, but did you know it can be improved like any other skill?  Neither did our CEO, Jeff Van Fleet.

What We Heard At StarEast 2017, Part 1

Here at Lighthouse, we’re awful passionate about software testing and quality assurance.  But even as thought leaders, we like to keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest cutting-edge insights and industry trends.  In that spirit, here are some of the most interesting things we heard at StarEast 2017.

Software Testing: Master Chaos With Quality Exit Criteria

For some IT leaders, software development projects can feel like an endless cacophony of defect-related rework and delays—especially for people involved In software testing and QA.  But as frustration mounts, pinpointing a path to improvement can prove difficult.  Our solution?  Start with quality exit criteria.

Feeling Stressed? Here Are Some of Our CEO’s Favorite Pick-Me-Ups

Even the strongest people in the world have bad days. So when you get worn down, beat up, overwhelmed, or things just aren't going your way, here are a few tried-and-tested strategies from our President and CEO, Jeff Van Fleet.

Sick of Delays Driving You Off Schedule? Check Out Our New Webinar!

Everyone’s had at least one software project release off schedule and over budget. But while delays may seem like a ubiquitous hardship for software testing/QA teams, they don’t need to be. In our upcoming June 29th webinar, we’ll delve into why projects so frequently get blown off course, and break down the steps you can take to get them back on track.

Time to Market, Agility, Quality, Cost: Testing/QA’s Critical Returns

Every software project is judged by four factors: time-to-market, agility, quality, and cost. But while those are typically seen as your developers' domain, aren't your software testers and QA engineers the ones really responsible for them?

Shades of Spring: Considering Openness in a Season of Transformation

As spring signals its arrival with shades of green and blooming flowers, how can we transform ourselves and the organizations we lead? Lighthouse CEO Jeff Van Fleet shares his thoughts on implementing a culture of openness and transparency.

Meet Our New Technical Account Manager, Lindsey Wolanczyk!

It’s no secret that we’ve been steadily growing our Sales team over the past few years. That team just got a little bigger with the recent addition of Lindsey Wolanczyk -- an enthusiastic young lady who is poised for great things! Check out our interview to see what makes her tick!

Frustrated by Failing Software Projects? Sign Up For Our Webinar, Defeating Defects!

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. So if your software projects are releasing off schedule, over budget, or without their expected scope and/or quality, why not sign up for our upcoming webinar and learn how to prevent the root cause of software failures?

Stonewalling Stress: How to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

No matter what we do to avoid it, there are always times when we feel stressed out and overwhelmed. When that happens, what do you do? Here's what our President and CEO, Jeff Van Fleet, recommends.

True North Software Testing: How Methodologies Keep Projects On Course

If the 3 Perils of Software Development™—Defects, Delays, and Dollars—are regularly driving your projects off schedule and over budget, getting your QA and testing team back on course can be hard. That’s why applying a metrics-based testing methodology is so important—it’s the most reliable course correction there is.

Test Automation: Preserving Your SMEs’ Hard-Earned Expertise

We’ve said it a thousand times, “Test automation can cut your testing budget in half.” But while we’re so focused on value, are we forgetting the little things—like future-proofing your testing effort by preserving your SMEs’ valuable knowledge?

Keeping Cool: Leadership Under Pressure

But despite our best efforts to avoid high-pressure situations, we inevitably find ourselves dealing with them. Since we can't avoid them, Jeff Van Fleet (Lighthouse's President and CEO) shares his philosophy on leadership under pressure.

Software Quality in eCommerce: Why Your UX Needs QA

Talk to anyone well-versed in eCommerce, and you’ll likely hear the same refrain: the user experience (UX) is king. But while no one’s disputing that, it’s important to note that the reign of UX has also signaled the ascension of another two-letter acronym: QA—or as it’s also known, quality assurance.

Test Automation: Best Practices for Success

We talk a lot about the value and benefits of test automation, but we don’t always discuss those nitty-gritty, practical tips and tricks that can really help you when you’re in the trenches. So, bearing that in mind, here are some tips we’ve learned along the way to help you out on your next project.

Staying Positive: Change Your Perspective For An Optimistic Outlook

At a time when the whole nation seems increasingly polarized and divided, Lighthouse CEO Jeff Van Fleet reminds us that perception is reality. So whenever things seem bad, keeping a positive outlook can go a long ways towards a happier and balanced life.

Software Testing: Align Your Testing Team With The Business’s Goals

Everyone says that software testing teams need to have a plan. They need to be proactive, metrics-based, and thorough; not reactionary or improvisational. But consider this: if an organization’s goals aren’t aligned with the business they serve, is their plan really all that good anyway?

Test Automation: Better Performance For International Deployments

Without enough manpower to allocate to testing, most of the testing on international deployments ends up skipped— risking the injection of critical defects and making every release a game of Russian Roulette for IT. In an increasingly-globalized world, it’s little surprise that companies have more international reach than ever before.  And while that’s a good thing […] Read More

My Mind’s a Jumble Around Christmas, So I Made a Word Search!

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, it's also the most distracting. So when Lighthouse CEO Jeff Van Fleet was facing writer's block he came up with a novel idea to share what's whizzing through his head: a word search!

The Glitch(es) That Stole Christmas

Imagine trying to launch a new website for the holiday season, and your offshore developer delivers defect-laden code with far more bugs than you expected. Do you launch the site anyways—risking widespread user frustration—or do you correct the defects while missing the busiest shopping season of the year?

Test Automation: ‘Tis The Season…For Load/Performance Testing

From laggy performance to straight-up crashes and extended outages, we’ve all experienced our fair share of problems shopping online. And as the mad rush of the holiday season reaches its climax, eCommerce companies nationwide are facing a familiar foe: stress under load. Is automated load/performance testing the ultimate gift for these beleaguered IT departments?

Giving Thanks: Why Thanksgiving Means So Much More Than Turkey

In honor of Thanksgiving, Lighthouse President and CEO Jeff Van Fleet discusses his favorite tradition, which occurs during the annual Thanksgiving carry-in.

Looking For a Test Automation Tool? This is Where to Start.

WHITE PAPER: If you’ve ever considered test automation, you’ve likely noticed that there’s no shortage of tools out there for you to choose from. That’s why we did the hard work for you! Check out our white paper to see an in-depth comparison of three of the most popular tools: Oracle OATS, HP UFT, and Selenium.

True North Software Testing: Focus on People First

When it comes to software testing, improvement comes in one of three fields: people, process, and tools. But while you might think processes and tools are the smarter categories to consider first, did you know the bulk of your improvement comes solely from having the right people, with the right skills, in the right roles?

Respectful Dissonance: Why We Need Gracious Debate This Election Season

With the election looming ever closer, and the rhetoric amping up on both sides, Jeff Van Fleet, Lighthouse President and CEO, has some sage advice: remember the Golden Rule.

Test Automation: Your Key To Doing More With Less?

Let’s face it: everyone knows that test automation offers considerable benefits, including increased coverage, accuracy, and speed. But it all comes at a cost: the price of ramp up—which covers tool licenses, hiring test automation engineers, and other related expenses. As IT budgets tighten, is test automation the key to doing more with less, or just another costly boondoggle?

The Snowball Effect: Why Software Testing Can’t Afford to Be Passive

Despite their best efforts and hard work ethic, a lot of testers lack a formal testing methodology—leading to late-stage defect detection and higher testing costs overall. With software budgets already bursting at the seams, can CIOs really afford for their testing to be so reactive nowadays?

Put Up or Shut Up: Why Taking Action Matters

Whether you're at home or at work, taking action is important. Sometimes it can mean having an uncomfortable conversation or two—but if you don't stand for something, who else will? After all, you can't cross the ocean by staring at the water.

Dog Eat Dog: Why Online Retail is a Software Quality Battleground

There’s no question that online retailers are focused on software quality. In the hyper-competitive world of eCommerce, consumers have all the power—and it only takes one critical defect to send them off to a competitor. With the stakes that high, poor software testing isn’t simply a concern—it can thrust the entire company’s future into uncertainty.

Test Automation: It’s a Direction, Not Just a Destination

It’s easy to get seduced by the results of test automation—faster testing, increased coverage, improved accuracy, a high ROI. But in doing so, we must be cautious not to create unrealistic expectations—after all, test automation is as much about the journey as it is the destination.

Software Testing: Why High Quality Doesn’t Always Mean Spending More

Software testing and quality assurance are often two of the first things cut from a tightening IT budget. But while it’s easy to assume that doing so will save money, does the resulting rework, delays, and squandered productivity actually cost cash-strapped departments more in the long run?

Positive Perspective: Why I Love “Can Do” People

Whether it's in the workplace, in my home, or out at the bar, there's a phrase I like to use to describe the people love being around: they're "Can do" people. Their drive stay positive and get things done always inspires me—and I think we all could be a little more like them.

Test Automation: The 60-30-10 Rule

Whether you’re building your initial business case, calculating your ROI, or kicking off your first project, estimating the complexity of each test case you’re going to automate can be a real pain—which can make it near impossible to accurately scope your effort. Fortunately, all you need to do is remember 60-30-10.

Rural Software Testing: Why Offshore Isn’t Worth the Hassle Anymore

Let’s face it: offshore software testing has never been without its challenges—but the costs were so low that those headaches and hidden costs were worth the trouble. But as the wage gap narrows, drawing American companies even, is offshore really worth the baggage anymore?

It’s a Mindset: Training Your Brain to Win

Fresh off the Cleveland Cavs' 2016 NBA Championship, Jeff Van Fleet, Lighthouse's President and CEO, is thinking about what it takes to win. In short, it's not just having determination; it's having the right frame of mind as well.

Discussing Developers: The Linchpin of Your Test Automation Effort

When it comes to test automation, a lot of companies tend to pick tools that are readily available to them—as opposed to the ones that align best with their strategy. But there’s one factor that’s just as important: making sure their developers can actually support it. And make no mistake—they’re harder to find than you think.

Software Testing: Why Transparency is Clearly a Quality Asset

Let’s face it: to the unfamiliar eye, software testing can seem to be a bit abstract. And while a testing company may convincingly “talk the talk”; it can be tough to tell if they’re really “walking the walk”. That’s why transparency matters so much for software testing companies. If you’ve got nothing to hide, why hide it?

Sharpening the Saw: Mastering Time Management

This month, Jeff Van Fleet, Lighthouse's President and CEO, is pondering effective ways to manage our time. Sure, it's easy to make time for things that are important and urgent; but what about all those other things that are equally important, but not necessarily pressing?

Software Testing: Defeating Delays With a Proactive Plan

Do you ever feel like your software project plans are little more than a glorified crapshoot—with projects rarely coming in on time and frequently going well off-schedule? Don’t worry; you’re far from the only one. But here’s the good news: with a little bit of proactive effort, those days will be long gone.

Test Automation: The Right Tool is About Fit, Not What’s On Hand

For a lot of companies, choosing a test automation tool is less about fit and more about what’s already on hand. Unfortunately, that approach—while thrifty in the short term—is entirely backwards. Your ROI doesn’t depend on how much your license costs; it depends on how well your tool aligns with your approach.

Sharpening the Saw: Characterizing “Character”

Sharpening the Saw: Characterizing "Character" The concept of "character" can imply a variety of attributes including the existence or lack of virtues such as empathy, courage, fortitude, honesty, and loyalty, or of good behaviors or habits. I think of people with character as upstanding, trustworthy, and genuine -- people you can count on Each month I have the opportunity to write […] Read More

Agile Test Automation: Breaking Through the Regression Bottleneck

If there’s one fundamental challenge about testing in Agile, it’s keeping up with the speed of developers. But while you don’t want bottlenecks, you don’t want to sacrifice quality, either. So, how do you make sure your testers don’t fall behind? Automate as much as you can—then automate a little more.

Sick of Offshore Headaches? Check Out Our Reshoring White Paper!

Let’s face it: offshore outsourcing may look cheap, but the advertised rates only tell a mere fraction of the story. For years, companies have dealt with hidden expenses, lessened quality, and productivity lags; but that’s all changing. We’ve closed the gap with offshore with Rural Software Testing. Read all about it in our new white paper!

Sharpening the Saw: Abiding by Abundance Mentality

Spring is here and Jeff Van Fleet, Lighthouse's President and CEO, is thinking about how we handle our successes. Do we share them with our peers, or hoard them for ourselves?

Test Automation: Future-Proofing Your Testing By Saving SME Knowledge

Admit it: you have no idea what your SMEs do when they test your software systems. It’s okay—no one does. That’s why they’re so vital to your testing effort. But what happens when they leave? If you’re not using test automation, you could be in trouble.

Metrics Matter: You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

Without process, you can't measure your software testing team. And, without measurement, how can you know their true efficacy?

Sharpening the Saw: Preventing Prejudice

This month, Jeff Van Fleet, Lighthouse President and CEO, takes on something we're all guilty of (to some extent or another): prejudice.

Technical Debt: Why IT Needs to Stop Fighting Fires and Start Preventing Them

IT is expected to correct defects within its software systems, but is often unable to keep up with defect backlogs due to the increasing complexity of aging software. As IT budgets continue to tighten, how can smart departments dig themselves out of this ever-deepening hole?

Test Early, Test Often: Why You Feel Great When You Automate

There's no question that the 3 Perils of Software Development—Defects, Delays, and Dollars—can sink your projects in an instant. So how do you beat them? You test early and you test often—by getting proactive with your testing and automating whatever you can.

Test Automation: The Mythical Compromise of Quality vs. Quantity

When it comes to software testing, most folks think they can’t have inexpensive, fast, and high quality all at once. And while that may be true for traditional testing, there is a way to have it all: test automation.

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: Why Cutting Quality is a Poor Path to Cost Savings

Software testing/quality assurance initiatives are often the first things cut from an encumbered budget. But, as expenses mount and software projects fail, many companies find themselves asking, “Was this really the right move?” Are these companies costing themselves more by doing so?

Sharpening the Saw: Are You a Good Listener?

A new year means a new leadership topic for Jeff Van Fleet, Lighthouse President and CEO. In his first column of 2016, he's digging deep into an important topic: the importance of being present in our conversations.

Truth in Numbers – How to Keep Positivitity Bias From Sinking Your Software

Let’s face it: everyone tends to look at their work with rose-colored glasses. Unfortunately for IT personnel, this bias is especially dangerous to software testing/QA and development projects at large. When it comes to objectively measuring software quality, success, and more, metrics are king.

Sharpening the Saw: The Magic of the “Christmas Spirit”

It's Christmas time, and Jeff Van Fleet, Lighthouse's President and CEO, is feeling the spirit. How can we channel the fevered anticipation of the holiday season into self-improvement?

Unsung Holiday Heroes – Why You Should be Thanking IT While You Shop This Season

This month, as you settle in to your comfiest leather armchair for some comfy Christmas shopping (with or without a glass of spiked eggnog), take a moment to thank the most unsung heroes of the Holidays: the IT personnel that support the biggest shopping season for the year.

Honoring Our Veterans

This Veteran's Day, Jeff Van Fleet, Lightouse's President and CEO, has a message for those that have served in our nation's armed forces: thank you.

The Devil You Know: Why Software Quality is the Best Insurance Money Can Buy

Few things are riskier than a large-scale software project. While they offer significant returns if successful, they also pose considerable risk; threatening to go off the rails—and causing catastrophic losses—at seemingly any point. This uncertainty doesn’t have to rule the day, however; as an investment in quality is the best insurance you can buy.

The Devil in the Details: Why a Sound Strategy is Your Key to Test Automation Success

If you have a large testing need, there’s no question that test automation can probably net you a pretty significant ROI—heck, it can potentially cut your testing budget in half! Unfortunately, many companies fail to do that. In the end, your success—or failure—with test automation all comes down to one thing: a sound strategy.

Software Testing: How Much Testing is ‘Good Enough’?

Whether they’re concerned that they’re not finding enough defects or worried about spending too much on diminishing returns, every IT department wonders if they’re over or under-testing. Whether your testing team is outsourced or in-house, how much is “good enough”?

Lighthouse’s Culture – In the Beginning, There Was a Vision

Long before he founded Lighthouse, President and CEO Jeff Van Fleet scrawled down the values that he believed made up the ideal workplace culture. Written eight years before we opened our doors, his words remain as true today as they were then.

Reshoring IT: The Return of “Made in America”

As reshoring returns jobs to the US, the once-universal harbinger of quality “Made in America” is making a comeback.

Budget Planning: Getting Serious About Safeguarding Your Software

It’s October, and odds are your department is waist-deep in building next year’s budget. But while budgeting can be a monotonous, Herculean task, it also can be a transformational one: with a new budget on the horizon, now's the time to improve your testing team by investing in large-scale, quality-focused initiatives.

Sharpening the Saw: Lessons From Lou

As October rolls in, Jeff Van Fleet, Lighthouse President and CEO, has football on the mind—specifically, the lessons taught to him by one of his favorite coaches of all time, Lou Holtz.

Worried About Test Automation Busting Your Budget? Try our ROI Calculator!

With budget planning in full swing, now’s the time to invest in large testing/QA initiatives like test automation. Unfortunately, that means that many companies are going to face uphill battles while trying to get them approved. Fortunately, cutting-edge tools like our ROI calculator are here to help.

Death, Taxes, and Delays: The Unnecessary Inevitability of Schedule Overruns

If you’ve ever had a release come in off-schedule or over-budget (who hasn’t?), chances are it had its fair share of delays. In our upcoming webinar, we’ll delve into why projects so frequently experience these, and what you can do to beat them.

Sharpening the Saw: Why Age and Maturity Don’t Always Go Hand-In-Hand

As summer draws to a close, Jeff Van Fleet, Lighthouse President and CEO, is thinking about the events that helped mold him into the person he is today—specifically, an instance with a youth-group advisor who wasn't nearly as mature as her age might have suggested...

Test Automation: Free Your SMEs—While Slashing Your Testing Costs

Let’s face it: your subject matter experts (SMEs) aren’t cheap. And every time you use them for testing, you’re squandering their skills for a task that could be performed by a far-cheaper software tester. But how do you get a tester to emulate your SMEs’ business-savvy? Simple—you get a computer to do it instead.

A Titanic Struggle – Navigating the Perilous Waters of Software Development

For a lot of companies, driving a project to release can feel a lot like blindly navigating a massive ship through iceberg-laden waters. When the 3 Perils of Software DevelopmentTM—Defects, Delays, and Dollars—are threatening to sink you at every turn, sometimes all you need is a guiding light…

Agile Test Automation – Can it Be Done?

With a lengthy implementation period and a focus on long-term gains over static, unchanging tests, most people’s idea of test automation seems to be incompatible with the fluid, iterative Agile development methodology. Are these two really incompatible, or are we just not thinking about it the right way?

Test More, Test Faster, Test Better – The Holy Trinity of Test Automation

Your testing team never slouches, but you always seem to find a bunch of defects in production regardless. But while improving your test coverage, speed, and accuracy is an obvious solution, it’s always seemed prohibitively expensive. With test automation, however, your solution isn’t just affordable—it can cut your budget in half!

Introducing our Newest Webinar Series: The 3 Perils of Software Development!

Are you sick and tired of software bugs frustrating your users, delaying your releases, and driving up project costs? Well, if you’re willing to give us an hour of your time on August 20th, we’d love to help you get smarter about preventing them! Sign up now for our newest webinar, “Keep Your Projects Off the Rocks - Overcoming the 3 Perils of Software Development: Part 1, Defects”!

Test Automation: Bypass SMEs’ Cramped Schedules for Lightning-Fast Testing

When it comes to testing, improving time-to-market can be tricky without sacrificing quality for speed. But as senior IT executives face constant pressure to do so, test automation offers them the best of both worlds—getting a high-quality job done in record time by bypassing the subject matter experts (SMEs) who rarely have the luxury of making testing a priority.

Test Documentation: Why SMEs Shouldn’t Be Your Only Testers

As experts of their domains, it’s easy to see why SMEs are constantly pigeonholed into testing their respective areas of expertise. Consequently, it’s no surprise that they often feel like they’re the only people capable of testing it—something that, with a little bit of documentation, couldn’t be further from the truth.

The 3 Perils of Software Development: Why Projects Fail and How to Avoid It

Everyone fails at one point or another, but what sets the truly great apart is how they learn from it and improve. In the IT world, almost everyone’s dealt with software project failures; but identifying their root causes can be difficult, making improvement impossible—at least until now, that is.

Test Automation: The Key to Your Next Project’s Salvation?

When it comes to software development projects, test automation (Oracle OATS, HP UFT/QTP, etc.) is oftentimes seen as a luxury—nothing more than a speedy improvement over the status quo. But while this is somewhat true, test automation offers so much more than speed: it allows you to execute essential stress tests that would otherwise be impossible to afford.

Sharpening the Saw: Sharing the Wealth of Your Knowledge

Following a recent roundtable, Jeff Van Fleet, Lighthouse President and CEO, has one question on his mind: is the software community sharing its knowledge?

Sharpening the Saw: Springtime Renewal

As winter's embrace loosens, Jeff Van Fleet, Lighthouse's President and CEO, is talking renewal. Just as the Earth renews itself come springtime, we must do the same thing intellectually.

Realizing an ROI in Test Automation: Smart Strategies for Oracle OATS and Beyond

Whether it’s lowering costs, improving quality, accelerating time-to-market, or increasing test capacity, lots of people think test automation is the answer to all of their problems. And while it most certainly can be, it’s not a magic bullet, either. But provided you’re smart, you’ll see an ROI in next to no time. Here are some tips to help you get there.

Sharpening the Saw: Making a Commitment to Building a Better You

With the start of the New Year fresh in our minds, most of us are trying to better ourselves in some way or another. But Jeff Van Fleet, Lighthouse’s President and CEO, wants to know: are we neglecting other important things at that expense?

New Case Study! Acquisitions – A Big Challenge for Oracle EBS?

What happens when you acquire a multimillion-dollar company and you can’t automatically invoice their customers? That’s the situation a recent client of ours was facing when they couldn’t integrate their newly-acquired company into their Oracle EBS system. How did our expertise help ensure a smooth transition?

Eliminating Uncertainty: Is Your Testing/QA Proactive or Reactive?

When it comes to software testing and QA, a lot of companies are reactive—achieving quality almost entirely through the individual heroics of their own testing team. But, while this approach may be effective, is it really sustainable in the long run? Moreover, how can a proactive approach mitigate those inherent risks?

Budgeting Test Automation Projects for the New Year: Focus on ROI

It’s a new year—that means new objectives, new budgets, and new projects. If you’re like most QA departments, chances are you’re looking into test automation. But while the value to your department is obvious, how do you state the best financial case to secure upper management’s buy-in?

Improving Software Quality: The New Year’s Resolution You Should Be Making

Every year, people use the start of the new year as a chance to better themselves. But while we’re always striving to do so at home, why aren’t we also bettering ourselves in the workplace? And since so much of our time there is spent on computers, improving software quality is just the place to start.

To Release or Not to Release? The Risks of Launching Software Too Early

The most-hyped video game of the holiday season should’ve been an unquestioned financial success, but the company’s financial objectives forced the premature release of an under-tested, glitch-laden final product. What happens when quality is ignored to ensure an optimal release?

Oracle Application Testing Suite: Smoke Testing with End-to-End Automation

While automating all of your manual test cases with Oracle Application Testing Suite (Oracle OATS) can be a surefire way to an ROI, not all enterprise-level companies execute enough test cases to merit it or funding to commit to it. For those companies, smoke test automation may be a better solution.

Reshoring IT: Coffee Consumption and Onshore Outsourcing

My coffee intake tends to mirror a large corporation’s various vendors: spanning from cheap, low-quality standbys to pricier, higher-end options. As I’m wholly dependent upon both, what can this tell us about how corporations view reshoring in IT?

Sharpening the Saw: Does Your Corporate Culture Foster Work/Life Balance?

Lighthouse's President and CEO, Jeff Van Fleet, provides his thoughts on a key aspect of corporate culture: the necessity of work/life balance.

From Vision to Astounding Reality: ArtLens at the Cleveland Museum of Art

For the Cleveland Museum of Art’s CIO, Jane Alexander, and Gallery One team, envisioning their mobile app was only part of the challenge; it was only through carefully wrought development that it became an unprecedented success.

A Groundbreaking Vision: ArtLens at the Cleveland Museum of Art

With their groundbreaking app ArtLens, the Cleveland Museum of Art is changing the way that we use technology to experience the world around us. While their app is stunning, it’s the result of a clearly defined vision and carefully wrought execution—the first of which we’ll examine in this two-part article.

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